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Find Someone to Film

Find and film someone - or yourself! - who works or is studying to work in one of the following fields: Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, or Pharma / Life Sciences.

What do they do?

The video should answer the following questions: What do you do / what are you studying to do? But don't stop there. What inspired you or the person you're filming to choose what they did or whatever else you think will help inform and inspire the next generation of the workforce

What makes their job great?

As indicated by the title of the contest, we want to inspire experts. So, the video should explore what makes the profession or the field of study of the person being interviewed great.

Upload and submit

Take the video that you film and submit it on! You can upload first to your Youtube account and link the video up at or upload it directly to the site.

Share your video & get votes!

To win the student contest or professionals contest, your video must be among the top 3 most popular. Popularity is determined by how many votes you can accumulate for your video, so share it at work, school, home, in your social networks, or anywhere else you can think to get the most votes!


Record, upload, submit, accumulate votes by December 9th, Inspire a new generation of workers to choose fields where they'll land a job, and win!